Causes Of Acquaintance Rape And How To Prevent It

Acquaintance Rape
A rape which is perpetrated by such person who knows well the victim is known as acquaintance rape. Acquaintance rape is known in different forms in different areas of the world. The most important types of acquaintance rape are date rape, marital rape, gang rape and unacknowledged rape etc. In 2004-2005; United Nations Research Institute gathered data from thirty European countries. After gathering the data, they found that most of the rape victims were colleagues, bosses, close friends, former partners and current partners. Here, experts of UK dissertation writing services will discuss the causes of acquaintance rape and some essential tips to prevent it.

Causes of Acquaintance Rape:After the acquaintance rape, the survivals can face different painful emotions and experiences. Some essential causes of acquaintance rape are explained below;
  • Due to acquaintance rape, the survivor can face different kinds of physical effects. In these physical effects, there come bruising, bleeding and pregnancy. These physical effects can last some adverse impacts on the health of the survivor.
  • The survivors also face some mental effects on their minds due to acquaintance rape. The first mental effect is in the form of PTSD. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The severe anxiety and nightmare are some effects of PTSD. Secondly, a person often feels depressed. The possible effects of depression are in the form of sadness, weight loss, weight gain or lack of interest in enjoyable activities. Thirdly, there is also a possibility that the victim will try to attempt suicide. Fourthly, the survivor may face dissociation. Due to dissociation, a person is not able to pay attention to his activities.
  • There are also some emotional effects of acquaintance rape. Due to these emotional effects of acquaintance rape, a person may face helplessness, shock and fear on his mind.
  • After the acquaintance rape, there is also a possibility that a survivor can adopt a negative outlook. Due to this dirty outlook, the survivor can become trouble for other human beings.

Tips to Prevent Acquaintance Rape:Before going on a date with your friend or a stranger, one should take some preventative steps in order to save from acquaintance rape. These steps are explained below;
  • Firstly, there come some basic safety precautions. In these basic safety precautions, you should try to meet with him in the public, you should go on your own, you should try to stay in touch with your close friends, you should not drink open drinks, and if you are feeling confused or inebriated, you should go to the home.
  • Secondly, there comes your self-defence. For this reason, you should take an overview of the date pressure, any kind of disturbance which is caused from drinking or eating something, and try to set boundaries and consequences between you and your boyfriend.
  • You should also try to establish consent with your date. In order to establish consent, you should make sure that your boyfriend is also willing to establish consent, you should also communicate with him and tell him your likes and dislikes and you should also try to check him for verbal enthusiasm.

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