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Sunday, 2 May 2021

Guidelines to Make A Good Financial Analysis for Dissertation

Financial Analysis
The use of financial data for calculating and reviewing the performance of a business is called financial analysis. Based on this analysis results, strategies, investment decisions, and suggestions for improvement are made. Mostly, the analyst uses MS Excel for making analysis.

Purpose of Financial Analysis:

According to a dissertation writing service, there can be multiple purposes for conducting the financial analysis
  • Checking stability of business and assets
  • Reviewing the performance
  • Reviewing the liability of business
  • Analyzing the liquidity and profitability of the business

Financial Analysis Dissertation:

Writing a financial analysis dissertation is a very daunting task. It needs the writer to present a true, comprehensive, and useful analysis that can help the stakeholders in decision-making. For writing a perfect financial analysis dissertation, the researcher needs to include all financial analysis elements and factors in the dissertation. For any kind of analysis, the students need to collect data. The kind of data which is required for financial analysis is balance sheet, income statement, equity statement, and cash flow statement.

An income statement tells about the profit, revenue, and spending. A balance sheet gives the summarized picture of the assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity. The cash flow statement tells about the cash in and cashes out. The equity statement tells about each stakeholder’s equity.

Executive Summary:

An executive summary is necessary for presenting the overview of your dissertation. It tells what your dissertation contains. It tells what type of financial analysis you are conducting, whose financial analysis you are conducting, how you have conducted the analysis, and what the result of your analysis is. The executive summary is like a mini version of your dissertation that summarizes the whole dissertation into one or two paragraphs. An executive summary must be succinct, simple, understandable, and must contain all the necessary relevant information.

Making Comparisons:

For conducting reviews, you need to make comparisons between different values from the financial statements. This comparison helps to calculate the value of different financial ratios that tells about the position and performance of the business. It includes the comparison between
  • Total debt and total equity
  • Current assets and current liabilities
  • Profit and shareholder’s equity
  • Actual market price per share and earnings after taxation per share.

Types of Financial Analysis:

There are different ways of conducting a financial analysis. It includes
  • Horizontal analysis
  • Vertical analysis
  • Short-term analysis
  • Industrial comparison
  • Multi-companies analysis

The type of financial analysis you choose depends on the topic of your dissertation. If you are researching one company only you will be using vertical analysis, horizontal analysis. If you are making a comparison you can choose industrial comparison or multi-companies analysis. If you are studying the dynamics of a company, then horizontal analysis is the right choice. If the purpose of the study is an examination of balance sheets, then the vertical analysis is the right choice. For studying working capitals, short-term analyses are conducted. When the industrial trends are under study, then the industrial comparison is made.

After the selection of financial analysis type based on your dissertation and the purpose of the study, you need to review the elements of financial statements one by one. These statements are used for calculating different financial ratios, which will help in making analysis. The profit margin ratios are calculated through income statement. It includes
  • Operating profit,
  • Gross profit
  • Net Profit
  • Revenue Growth

For calculating gross profit margin the gross profit from revenues is divided by sales. It tells about the percentage of revenue. The operating profit margin is determined by dividing earnings by revenue. It tells about remaining revenue after operating costs. Revenue concentration is determined by dividing the single revenue by total revenue. It tells about the most revenue-generating customer.
  • A balance sheet assists in calculating liquidity ratios (current ratios, net-working capital, quick ratios, and interest coverage); leverage ratios, and efficiency ratios.
  • Cash flow statements are necessary for reviewing the liquidity of a business.

The Bottom Line:

A professional financial analysis dissertation must be written in such a way that it must provide all the necessary information that is required by an investor for making decisions. Through financial analysis a uniform methodology is used that helps in determining the improvement in the performance of the organization with the passage of time. A financial analysis done in the right way helps to understand the organizational and industrial trends that can be helpful for students in future.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

5 Ways to Make your Dissertation Game Strong

Dissertation Game
When you are writing a dissertation, it is all about your own potential and less about anything else. Dissertation writing may be very challenging but experts and successful students always find a way out of such challenges. No matter which subject you are writing for you will always need the same suggestions and these tips will work out for everyone who is looking for dissertation help and guidance given by experts. Find out how the experts and successful students get rid of their tough dissertations and what tips they have to suggest to the students who are writing dissertation without having much of experience in the work.
  • Start early and find a topic as soon as you can, that can be quite long before you have to write a dissertation. See, you are going for a degree and you do know that you will eventually have to write a dissertation so why not start working early and save yourself the stress? Start soon and give yourself all the time. Achieve every target without the time restrictions and you will be glad to have started early. This gives you an edge over everything and gives you time to even rewrite the whole thing if things go really bad.
  • Choose an easy and known topic for your dissertation. This will give you dissertation writing help in many ways. Fir the start, you will have to pick a topic that you know about a lot and you do not require time to find out anything about it and know where to begin the research. Secondly, it should not be something that everyone is writing about so do your research for the previously written about issues and completely avoids them unless you have some exceptional theory and you think you can write about it from a completely different perspective.
  • Divide the work in available time and assign every time slot enough work to leave yourself sometime in the end just in case you have to rewrite the whole thing due to any reason at all.
  • Write and research together to save time. Time is everything in dissertation writing and you need time for writing, for research, for proofreading, for analysis and just everything else. So be careful of how much time you are using and the best way to save time is to do the research and writing together. This saves you more time than the other way and you can make sure that your work is done before the time is around the corner.
  • Get help whenever you feel that you can’t do it. A way to find out of you need help is to see if you are standing idle where you have been standing at since a while. This means you are wasting time and you need help so hire best and cheap dissertation writing service and get your dissertation written by an expert. You can find many dissertation writers online.