Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Tips to Become More Productive in Student Life

Productive in Student Life
Students are often too stuck up with their studies, course and work such as assignments and dissertation writing that they forget that there is more to life than just being stuck to your books and computer. Studies are a very important part of a student’s life but this is also the time he is developing major good and bad habits. Students must try to stick to learning the good stuff and they must try to squeeze out a little time to invest in learning stuff and doing things that will benefit them in their future, especially in their professional life.

There is a lot you can do starting from your college years and you can start doing things that will benefit you in your profession and career. Now you must wonder why you would leave all that you are doing right now to do something for the future and that of course you are doing stuff, you are studying. Well, you must know that sticking too long to your coursework, essays and other similar stuff makes you really slow and it takes away all your productivity. It leaves you with very little strength to deal with your life and its challenges. Concentrate on the things along with your education for a better and successful professional life:
  • Get a job, or an internship or both. You will be asked about your experience right after you finish your degree, as if you are forty years old and have been working all this time. Why not prepare to shut them up? Getting an internship early means that you are getting experience to kick start your professional life and it will show your future hiring office how great of a planner you are.
  • Get a job along with your college studies and start making money to be able to pay off your loans starting from today; you don’t need to carry that burden to your grave! Start working, buy the stuff yourself and pay your loans at the same time.
  • Get some voluntary experience and try to involve in some sort of volunteer work. This also adds great value to your CV. Having volunteer experience shows the other person how people can depend on you and how you have handled stuff while working voluntarily. It gives a very good impression and fills up an important place in your CV. All in all, internship and volunteer work teaches you a lot!
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You have to be a problem solver and active thinker to make the most out of your student life. Grab opportunities to do more and learn more wherever you can and you will get the maximum out of your student life. You just have to look out for opportunities and you are good! Just remember to get support of services like dissertation writing help whenever you need and do not get overworked.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

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Monday, 4 March 2019

How Can The World Unite To Fight Racism?

Fight Racism
A belief of superiority of a race over the other is known as racism. Racism can become a cause of prejudice or discrimination in society. According to the ideology of racism, humans are divided into two major groups. In these two groups, one group is superior and the other group is inferior. The racism ideology can manifest many aspects of a human’s life. Some essential aspects which can become a cause of racism are aversive racism, colour blindness, cultural racism, economic and institutional racism. Here, experts of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss how the world can unite to fight racism.

Recognize the racism and understand the privilege: To learn and recognize the racial discrimination is the first step to eradicate racism from society. The world should make teams to get an idea about the social, political and cultural factors which are giving rise to racism. After getting an idea about these impacts, the world should use its privilege to eradicate racism. There are some factors which can affect the level of privilege. In these factors, there come religion and sexuality. We can easily get rid of these factors by acknowledging their implications.

Examine the biases and origins of racism: No doubt, our biases can originate racism in society. Therefore, before fighting with racism at the lower level, we should try to get rid of racism at the international level. At the international level, all the countries should try to treat well with other countries. There should be no superiority of one country over the other country on the basis of their resources and nuclear power. After setting these kinds of models, we should try to encourage our societies to eradicate racism. In order to motivate people to fight against racism, we should encourage them to get an overview of the PBS documentary. The PBS documentary was initially used to tackle racism in the United States.

Validate the experiences and feelings of people of colour: We have seen that the black colour people are given preference over the white colour people. This concept can become a cause of racism in society. All the nations of the world should take some bold steps and enforce a law that all the people are equal in a state and there is no superiority of the white people over the other. All the nations should devise the same laws for all people.

Expand the opportunities for the people of colour in the schools and companies: There are several schools and companies that give preference to the white colour students and workers over black colour students and workers. Moreover, there is only a limited number of seats for the black colour people in these institutions. The world should realize this kind of racism and all the nations should enforce similar laws in order to eradicate this kind of racism from their institutions.

There are also some racist jokes and statements in society. The world organizations should also encourage the people that these kinds of racist jokes and statements should be prohibited.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Causes Of Acquaintance Rape And How To Prevent It

Acquaintance Rape
A rape which is perpetrated by such person who knows well the victim is known as acquaintance rape. Acquaintance rape is known in different forms in different areas of the world. The most important types of acquaintance rape are date rape, marital rape, gang rape and unacknowledged rape etc. In 2004-2005; United Nations Research Institute gathered data from thirty European countries. After gathering the data, they found that most of the rape victims were colleagues, bosses, close friends, former partners and current partners. Here, experts of UK dissertation writing services will discuss the causes of acquaintance rape and some essential tips to prevent it.

Causes of Acquaintance Rape:After the acquaintance rape, the survivals can face different painful emotions and experiences. Some essential causes of acquaintance rape are explained below;
  • Due to acquaintance rape, the survivor can face different kinds of physical effects. In these physical effects, there come bruising, bleeding and pregnancy. These physical effects can last some adverse impacts on the health of the survivor.
  • The survivors also face some mental effects on their minds due to acquaintance rape. The first mental effect is in the form of PTSD. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The severe anxiety and nightmare are some effects of PTSD. Secondly, a person often feels depressed. The possible effects of depression are in the form of sadness, weight loss, weight gain or lack of interest in enjoyable activities. Thirdly, there is also a possibility that the victim will try to attempt suicide. Fourthly, the survivor may face dissociation. Due to dissociation, a person is not able to pay attention to his activities.
  • There are also some emotional effects of acquaintance rape. Due to these emotional effects of acquaintance rape, a person may face helplessness, shock and fear on his mind.
  • After the acquaintance rape, there is also a possibility that a survivor can adopt a negative outlook. Due to this dirty outlook, the survivor can become trouble for other human beings.

Tips to Prevent Acquaintance Rape:Before going on a date with your friend or a stranger, one should take some preventative steps in order to save from acquaintance rape. These steps are explained below;
  • Firstly, there come some basic safety precautions. In these basic safety precautions, you should try to meet with him in the public, you should go on your own, you should try to stay in touch with your close friends, you should not drink open drinks, and if you are feeling confused or inebriated, you should go to the home.
  • Secondly, there comes your self-defence. For this reason, you should take an overview of the date pressure, any kind of disturbance which is caused from drinking or eating something, and try to set boundaries and consequences between you and your boyfriend.
  • You should also try to establish consent with your date. In order to establish consent, you should make sure that your boyfriend is also willing to establish consent, you should also communicate with him and tell him your likes and dislikes and you should also try to check him for verbal enthusiasm.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

How Is Bullying Dangerous?

If a person wants to intimidate others with the use of force, threat or coercion, this is known as bullying. Physical bullying, social bullying, cyberbullying and verbal bullying are some essential kinds of bullying. Bullying is harmful to a person both physically and psychologically. The bullying can happen directly as well as indirectly. Hitting, tripping and fighting are included in physical bullying. On the other hand, name calling and laughing at someone are included in emotional bullying. While writing an assignment about the dangers of bullying, you should get help from coursework writing services. Here, we will discuss how bullying is dangerous.

Dangers for children and adolescents who are bullied

Bullying is dangerous for both who are bullied and who are bullying. Possible dangers of children and adolescent who are bullied are given below;

1) The children and adolescent who are bullied always feel depressed. Due to this depression, they adopt a sense of hopelessness. They try to think negatively rather than positively.

2) They feel isolation and loneliness. As a result, they face a lot of social anxieties.

3) They also feel stress on their mind. Due to this stress, they can face some health problems like a headache and stomach aches etc.

4) They also face a problem of low self-esteem due to bullying. Due to low self-esteem, they start to hate themselves, they become oversensitive, they feel some undue fears and they often feel angry.

5) They often remain absent from the school. As a result, they are not able to show impressive academic performance.

6) Due to bullying, they create aggressiveness in their behaviour.

7) Sometimes, there is a possibility that the children and adolescents who are facing bullying can commit suicide.

Dangers for children and adolescents who bully others

It is a myth that the dangers of bullying are just for the children and adolescents who are bullied rather than there are also some dangers for those children and adolescents who bully others. These dangers are explained below;

1) These children and adolescent are not able to differentiate between the right and wrong. As a result, they face a lot of difficulties in their practical life.

2) They adopt some dangerous habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. These habits can affect their academic career and they can also face a lot of health problems.

3) Due to low academic performance, they are not able to continue their studies. As a result, the dropout rate of the schools will increase.

4) They also show aggression in different affairs. Due to this aggression, they have to face a lot of problems.

5) There are also some students who involve in a gang and they take part in criminal activities.

6) As we know that if we want to enjoy a healthy relationship with others, we have to show kindness in our behaviour. Due to their aggressive behaviour, they also face a lot of difficulties while enjoying a healthy relationship with others.

7) Sometimes, there is also a possibility that as a result of bullying, they are also bullied by others.